Gear we provide

Mixing boards

Soundcraft Ghost (32ch)

Yamaha MX12/4 (8ch)

Studio monitors

Yamaha HS5


DBX 160A


Behringer T1952

BBE Maxicom

Gemini EQX 30

Lexicon MX200

ZOOM 1202

Palmer PAN04

Palmer Decappo Re-amp

Presonus BlueTube pream

Boss OS-2

Ibanez FL9 Flanger


AKG414 XLS (2x)

AKG D112

AKG P220

Electro-Voice ND468

Sennheiser MD421 u-4

Sennheiser MD421 MKII

Shure SM47

Shure SM57 (2x)

Shure SM58


Gibson LP Traditional

Gibson LP Studio 60’s tribute

Epiphone LP Custom

Epiphone SG G-400

Ibanez SGT120TRS Acoustic

Lanikai LU11 – Ukulele

Guitar Amp and cabinets

Marshall JCM900 dual reverb – head

Marshall 1960A (4×12”) – cab

Harley Benton G212 Vintage (2×12”)


Premier XPK

Renting our equipment

If you need some of our microphones or outboard gear, please contact us for more information
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